We at Selig, are committed to your health & well being by helping you reduce weight in a healthy & effective way through world’s best scientific methodologies for slimming, shape up & body toning.

We specialize in obesity reduction, figure & fitness management for both men & women with advanced world class treatments for elimination of body fats.

With revolutionary slimming techniques, we help you transform your life for better. Our slimming programme is medically supervised, safe, scientifically proven and delivers spectacular results that requires no pills, no invasive procedures, no strenuous exercise & no crash diet.

Our slimming treatment is an exclusive custom program as we believe that every individual has different requirements & hence every treatment administered is intended to meet specific needs of the clients.

Our comprehensive range of slimming services include break through treatment using myostimulation to attack fat at cellular level and therapies like Shape-ups, Celluslim, Slim wrap Therapy, Elasto Gel Therapy, Slim Tone, Adipolysis, Ultrasculpt, Detox therapy etc.

Our therapies are carefully designed using progressive techniques clubbed with products formulated with an amalgamation of natural ingredients and scientific advances to effectively reduce excess fat as well as help you get rid of the most embarrassing lumps & bulges from tummy, thighs, hips & arms.

In short, our weight loss program is perfect for those busy on-the go people as you just need to visit us twice a week for the treatment and our friendly, trained & experienced team of nutritionists, doctors & therapists are with you at every step of your program.